Veridiana Leite

Visual artist

Veridiana Leite (Ribeirão Preto, 1979) has a degree in Social Communication from ESPM (São Paulo), in Visual Arts from Escola Massana (Barcelona) and post-graduated in Theater of Senses (University of Girona). Painting is his main means of expression, but he works also with sculpture, installation and photography. He did artistic residencies in Berlin, Thailand, in Lisbon and at the Obra Foundation in Alentejo. Participated in the 36th SARP (Ribeirão Preto, 2012) and the Exhibition Program of the Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto (2019). In between their collective exhibitions include “Black Tie” (Espaço Cultural do BNDES, 2013). Realized Individual exhibitions “I used to be a dancer” (Lisbon- Espaço Nowhere 2022), “Habitat”( Zaratán- Lisboa 2020) and “Azul” at the Adearte gallery, (Ribeirão Preto, 2013). Live and work in Lisbon.

Veridiana Leite painting asserts itself through the search for unconventional perspectives within of the same space from the tension between abstraction and the constructed image. At created compositions generate luminosity, vital energy impregnated with organic and natural in contrast to geometric and urban forms and therefore a connection between the inside and outside. The artist’s constant displacement, her relationship with nature and her phenomena, memory, imagination, chance and emotion inspire the creation of places in diluted and fluid materiality, which are constructed and deconstructed in multiple layers, like a dance of colors, lines, gestures and shapes. His paintings mix memories with archival images to create poetic spaces and scenes that teeter on the edge of reality and dream.

Contact Information

2015-2016 I Postgraduate in Theater of the Senses, Barcelona

2005-2008 | Massana School, Higher Education Course in Visual Arts, Barcelona

1999-2002 | Social Communication, ESPM- School of Advertising and Marketing. Sao Paulo-SP

Exhibitions and Artist Residencies

2022 I Solo Exhibition “I used to be a dancer”.Espaço Nowhere, Lisbon. curatorship Christian Tejo.

2022 I Collective exhibition “Abstract and so on”. Espaço Inta, São Paulo.

2021 I Group exhibition “Today’s landscape”. Café Gallery, São Paulo.

2021 I Collective exhibition “Boas Vindas”. Referral Gallery, Brasília.

2020 I Solo exhibition “Habitat”. Zaratan Contemporary Art, Lisbon.

2020 I Collective “Nowhere”. Nowhere Space, Lisbon. 2020 I Exhibition “Time in the Window”. Hangar Residence, Lisbon.

2019 I Collective Exhibition “Le Salon de Refusés”. Casa da Luz. São Paulo.

2019 I Group exhibition Imersões no MARP (Ribeirão Preto Art Museum), Ribeirão Preto.

2019 I Collective exhibition “Thought to be a landscape, it was a body” at the BNP Paribas space in São Paulo, curated by Camila Yunes from KURA, São Paulo.

2018 I Collective exhibition “Here and now” at the PICTA art office, annual exhibition of contemporary visual art in Joinville, SC through the contemporary Aura gallery, São Paulo.

2017 I Group show at the contemporary Aura gallery, São Paulo.

2016 I Solo exhibition Portraits at the Mutuo gallery, Barcelona

2015 I Solo exhibition at Sala da Praça gallery, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo.

2014 I Group Exhibition at the Bhering factory. Rio de Janeiro.

2013 | Artist Residency at Nena Contemporary art space, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2013 | Collective Exhibition at the Pop-up Gallery. Berlin.

2012 | Artist residency and group exhibition at the Agora Residence, Berlin.

2011 | 36 ° SARP – Contemporary Art Salon of Ribeirão Preto.

2011 | Solo exhibition “Tudo Azul” at the Adearte gallery, Ribeirão Preto, SP.

2011 | Collective Exhibition “Black Tie” – BNDES Cultural Center, in Rio de Janeiro, curated by Daniela Labra.