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I Used to be a Dancer is a manifesto exhibition by Veridiana Leite. The title may lead many people to explicitly expect the presence of dance in her paintings or even of performance in the artist’s first solo exhibition at Espaço NowHere, but this evocation exists to emphasize the centrality of her dancing body in pictorial work and the intertwining of life. and

Exhibition held at Residence and Gallery Zaratan Contemporary Art in Lisbon. After a two-month experience in the countryside, in Alentejo, Veridiana outlined some questions related to the natural habitat of human life, the relationship between the body and the body

The work developed at the Hangar “Tempo na Janela” is an extension of the series “Through the window” held at the Agora residence in Berlin and at Bhering in Rio de Janeiro. There are several paintings made from the window of my studio in the hangar where I spent two months observing. Colors, shapes, lines, words, gestures and images that create a